Feeding the Teen Athlete with Jill Castle, MS, RDN Webinar

Curious about the basics of sports nutrition for the teen athlete? Pediatric expert Jill Castle, MS, RDN presents a 50-minute webinar covering the role of food and nutrients, evidenced-based strategies, the role of school meals, and how dairy foods shine in the teen athlete’s diet.
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Dairy’s Role in Sports Nutrition


Whether you are a star athlete or simply enjoy regular physical activity, milk’s nine essential nutrients play an important role in fueling any active lifestyle!  From bone building to muscle strengthening, the nutrients in milk provide a variety of positive health benefits.  The carbohydrates in milk help to refuel energy, protein works to repair and build muscle, and fluid and electrolytes replenish what is lost in sweat to rehydrate the body.
Low-fat and fat-free milk, flavored or unflavored, offer a more nutrient-rich alternative to traditional sports drinks.  Plus, they are an affordable, convenient and delicious option!  Science supports the many health benefits dairy foods provide for the active individual. Research shows milk, flavored or unflavored, to be an effective post-exercise beverage for endurance or resistance activities.  Research also supports the role whey protein, the naturally occurring protein in milk, plays in improving body composition and managing a healthy weight.
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