Fuel Up to Play 60 Menus

Connect your cafeteria to Fuel Up to Play 60 in your school!

  1. MenuTemplateDownload the signs and identifiers you need below.
  2. Customize with the number of servings per component and your cycle menu.
    Customize with the number of servings per component and print on a clear plastic overhead projector transparency film. Then use our corresponding black & white menu templates to display your daily choices.
  3. Print and post in our Milk is a Must menu frame and 3 x 5 picture frames.


  • You can print a blank template and write on your frame plastic/glass like a white board.
  • If you don’t have a Milk is a Must menu frame or you need help, contact us.

School Meal Promotions

School Breakfast ensures that ALL students start the day with a healthy meal.

Boost participation and get kids excited about healthy meals with monthly promotions. Our monthly series coordinates with holidays and celebrations throughout the year. Each promotion includes…

  • Promotion Guide- Designed to help you run your promotion by incorporating exciting contests
  • Teacher Letters- To help you get your program promoted in the classroom and teachers on board
  • PA Announcements & Menu Blurbs- Content for your menu and PA Announcements to advertise your monthly promotions
  • Mini Posters- Decorate your cafeteria with these to help promote the program to your students