Dairy is fresh, local and always in season.

Use the resources and activities below to help your students understand where their milk comes from and the role dairy farm families play in producing a wholesome, nutritious product that goes from the farm to glass in as little as two days.

Dairy Harvest of the Month

Need ideas how to make the most of Dairy Harvest of the Month or Put Local on Your Tray? Give these ideas a try:

Demonstrate Dairy in your Cafeteria! 

Work with School Food Service to:

Offer our new School Meal Recipes featuring dairy for students to try as a part of the school menu

Host a smoothie-making or smoothie recipe contest at your school

 Do a new dairy food taste-testing

Connect your students to dairy farming!

Invite a local dairy farmer into the classroom

 Arrange a field trip to a local dairy farm

 Have students view the 360° videos of local farms online

Dairy Education Resources

Use the educator guide and activities from these 3 reproducible handouts along with a colorful classroom wall poster to help your students make a personal connection to the farmers in your region responsible for the nutritious dairy products they consume every day. Activities focus on deeper-level thinking skills and stimulate discussion about dairy farming; dairy nutrition and sustainability and food waste.

Activities take students to two Vermont dairy farms through online 360º videos that let them control their mouse, so they can explore aspects of each farm as they learn how New England dairy farmers’ care for their cows helps protect our environment with sustainable farming practices and 21st-century technology.

Cow to You: A Virtual Visit to Two New England Dairy Farms Resources and 360º Videos










This curriculum, geared towards grades 5-8, includes:

  • An educator guide
  • Three lesson plans meeting common core standards designed to enhance your classroom’s health and science curriculum
  • One poster featuring the steps on how milk gets from farm to table

Dairy Activities

These activity cards provide hands-on “how-to” make butter, ice cream and yogurt on the front side. The back side asks science questions incorporating dairy into STEM learning.

How to Make Butter

How to Make Ice Cream

How to Make Yogurt

Get students energized, moving and ready to learn with these fun yoga poses!

Mooga Poster 11×17

Mooga Children 1

Mooga Children 2

For more fun Mooga resources visit Dairy Council of Florida.

Additional Farm to School Resources

Video Resources

The Story of Milk

From Farm to You